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Premiere: The Minneapolis Uranium Club Return with the Freewheeling Earworm Strum "Tokyo Paris L.A. Milan"

Ahead of the release of their anticipated fourth album, Infants Under The Bulb, The Minneapolis Uranium Club, or sometimes just Uranium Club, are back today with the new single "Tokyo Paris L.A. Milan," a frantic guitar jangle that stretches the post-punk ethos of simplicity to its breaking point. Unlike the expected dizzying fast tempos and stream-of-consciousness rants, the new single is meditative and takes the notion of simplicity while revealing the complexities lying underneath the surface. Abstract as ever, Uranium Club keeps the listener at arm's length, pairing their best melodies with new avenues.

Photo by Harry Wohl

Speaking about the new single, guitarist-vocalist Harry Wohl said, "I wrote this sort of demo and it was one of the last songs we worked on before we recorded basically. This one feels more connected to my solo work because the demo is way more soft with the acoustic guitar which is different than what you're used to with Uranium Club. However I knew it had that sort of good, mysterious Uranium Club quality to it so I wanted to include it in the band's repertoire."

Infants Under The Bulb is out March 1st on Static Shock and Anti Fade Records. Lookout for our full interview with Uranium Club in March.


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