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Premiere: New Math Digs Through The Vault and Ascend on "I Can Tell"

Following up the band's long-awaited compilation of early singles, Die Trying & Other Hot Sounds (1979-1983), New Math is back today with a re-recording of the lost fan favorite "I Can Tell." After feeling rejuvenated from their run of shows last year, the band decided to record a new double A-side single back in January, with fresh takes on the original songs "I Can Tell" and "When I Was Young."

Photo by Brandon Oleksy

With new vocalist-guitarist Derek Sapienza (JDS, The Shine) captivating fans with his rough, but heartfelt vocals, "I Can Tell" masters the charming simplicity of a three-minute pop song with an irresistible hook that begs for repeated listens.

"In an alternate universe, 'I Can Tell' would've become a part of the power pop canon somewhere back around 1980," Sapienza says. "I've loved this tune from the moment I heard it, and I still kind of can't believe I got to play on the recording. The record came together loud and fast in the studio, just as you'd expect, and I think it's proof that New Math is still one of the best damn rock 'n' roll bands out there, period."

While "I Can Tell" bolts out the speakers with its bubblegum pop exuberance that echoes The Outsiders and Tommy James and the Shondells, founding member and bassist Gary Trainer recalls only one version of the original recording surviving.

"I remember we played a studio version of it on WRUR with Rock 'n' Roll Joel in 1980, but somehow we never pushed to release it before we headed into a different musical direction with They Walk Among You," Trainer says. "Luckily though, local Brian Goodman (The Insiders, Cousin Al and the Relatives), had recorded that whole show at the time it aired and got in touch with me when I was compiling songs for the compilation last year. We started playing it live again so we thought why not actually release it this time."

"I Can Tell" is out now on Propeller Sound Recordings. Check it out below and catch New Math live at the Bug Jar this Saturday, April 27th with Sugar Tradition and Sastrugi.

Flyer by Erika Elizabeth


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