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Premiere: The Whiffs' Syrupy Power Pop Bliss Prevails on New Double Single "Satellite" / "As I Am"

The Whiffs' latest album Scratch 'N' Sniff is undoubtedly one of our favorite records this year and since its release back in March, we couldn't wait to hear what the Kansas City power pop mainstays had in-store next. Today, The Whiffs have granted us an exclusive first listen to their new double single "Satellite" b/w "As I Am," another shot of the band's twelve-string Rickenbacker-layered power pop confection. Along with the premiere, we also got the scope from guitarist-vocalist Rory Cameron and bassist-vocalist Zach Campbell about the origins of the new single and plans for the band's West Coast tour that kicks off next Thursday.

Paperface Zine: Where and when did the single's A-side "Satellites" come together? Also, what's the meaning behind the lyrics?

Rory Cameron: I wrote this toward the end of us recording Scratch & Sniff and brought it to the band, and we laid it down in two or three takes. This song is about leaving a relationship that's at an impasse and the fallout afterwards. The feelings of hurt and anger we can have toward someone we used to love when we've made the choice to move on.

PZ: What can you say about its B-side "As I Am"?

Zach Campbell: Trying to start a romantic relationship with a long term friend, and it doesn't workout because of distance, circumstance, and among other things. That's the vaguest way I could put it with out boring you with a long story [laughs].

PZ: Is this double single just to promote the tour as a one-off or will it be part of a larger project down the road?

RC: "Satellites" and "As I Am" are leftovers from our last album essentially. We'd planned on releasing them as a single at some point and this just seemed like the right time.

PZ: Your guys' West Coast tour dates are coming up. How stoked are you for that tour and what are you looking forward to the most?

RC: Very stoked for the whole thing honestly. We've got multiple dates with Crocodile Tears in Texas, and Bad Sex on the coast which should be a blast.

PZ: What's the rest of the year looking like for The Whiffs?

RC: The plan is to start recording new stuff for the next record, and an East Coast tour with The Speedways this fall!

"Satellite" b/w "As I Am" is out now on DIG! Records. Check out the band's West Coast tour dates below.


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