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Montreal Punk Legends American Devices Deliver Oddly Nebulous Garage Pop on "The Game We Never Win"

Morphing out of the ashes of The D-Vices, Montreal punk hidden gems American Devices are back today with the A-side to their forthcoming 7" coming out on Celluloid Lunch Records October 31st. The new single "The Game We Never Win," offers up short sharp shots of super-shambolic, super-perky garage-pop that's deceptive in its simplicity. Comprised of guitarist-vocalists Rob Labelle and Rick Trembles, bassist André Asselin, and drummer Howard Chackowicz, the new 7" follows up last year's archival D-Vices 7" Adequate/Modern Boy and 2006's self-titled compilation that offered up tracks recorded between 1980-2006. While the new single shows a good bit of the band's skewed pop savvy rather than their KBD-punk roots, American Devices have mutated, taking a more labored and altogether bizarre approach to their tunes that are exercises in unbridled minimalism and maximum impact.

Pre-order The Games We Never Win/Interlarding 7" here.


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