What Goes On: Lizard Legs

Ahead of their show tonight, we had a quick chat with Rochester's newly-formed raucous punk-blues band Lizard Legs, who uncover their origins and discuss their forthcoming debut tape.

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Born out of pandemic boredom, the newly-formed Rochester-based band Lizard Legs play deliciously dirty, sweat-drenched blues-punk and are one of the most mysterious garage bands in the scene currently. When we caught their set at the Psychic Garden Halloween show last fall, they entrapped audiences with their splatters of swaggering riffs and swampy, scuzzed-out freakouts.

Across the mind-boggling layers of fury, we caught up with the five-piece to learn more about their origins and their forthcoming debut tape.

Paperface Zine: Take me through the origins of Lizard Legs. How did this project start and what was the vision when forming?

Lizard Legs: Greg and Shane started the band in the dog days of the pandemic. They auditioned several drummers after jamming as a duo for about six weeks. Silky, Diggy, and Brendan [B. Hart] all joined at the same time and their roles coalesced very naturally.

How did you come up with the name?

Diggy just kind of blurted it out honestly haha.

What other bands have you played in?

Oh boy, a lot. Triglactagon, Aretheyyestheyare, Guns AND Roses, The Dads, The Narcs, Dead Bitch, Pig Banshee, Grimetime, Flour City Knuckleheads, Let Alone Shimmy, The Oldheads, Dish Dogs, Superty Dupes, Diggy and the Squares, Dead Meat, etc.

What does a typical Lizard Legs recording session look like?

Garbage can…slime…locker room…filth…hell…disruptive…casket nailed closed…wet t-shirt contest…pleasant…work boots…unswept floor…somewhere between late and early…moonlight.

Lizard Legs performing at the Psychic Garden on October 30, 2021. (Photo by Jimmy Filingeri)

Take me through the recording of your debut single "Pedistol." Was this a stand-alone single or is it part of a bigger project?

It's a stand alone single. The song is about a dream that Diggy had. He woke up and immediately wrote down everything he could remember. He recorded the demo version by himself with an acoustic guitar on his phone. Then he called Shane (S. Bates painting, 287-0822) and was like "can we record this?" And Shane replied, "sure buddy, why not?" By the end of that day, the song was streaming on Spotify. So when you hear him singing "I had a dream this morning," he literally had that dream that morning at the time of recording. Wild.

What can audiences expect from tonight's show over on 278 North Street in Rochester?

There's going to be a ton of art from Shane and other members too. It's $7 at the door from 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Anything else planned for 2022?

Aside from that, Shane recorded our album in one day haha. We're having tapes made right now. Those should be out at the beginning of May. It's not a long album, but this band is shitting hits so expect another one before too long!