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Video Premiere: Vessel Grapples With Numbness and Apathy Through Dance-Infused Post-Punk on "Lost Appeal"

Ahead of the release of their debut album Wrapped in Cellophane, out April 2nd on Double Phantom Records, today we have the pleasure in premiering Vessel's latest music video for the single "Lost Appeal," a prime slice of off-kilter post-punk that zips along agitated guitars and a roaring saxophone that matches the rhythmic adrenaline.

Speaking about the new single, the band shared, "We were going for a happy sound to contrast the lyrics that center on the idea of losing interest in the mundanity of daily life. There's a tiny bit of doo-wop influence in there too. "

The band also recently joined fellow Atlanta contemporaries Omni on their North American tour with stops in Philadelphia, Kingston, and Queens. "We had a great time touring with Omni. We've been big fans of them and are thankful they asked us to join them," the band added. "It was our first tour as a band and we definitely learned a good bit from it."

Wrapped in Cellophane is out April 2nd on Double Phantom Records.


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