Video Premiere: The Scribes Team up with Krisengebeat for a Haunting New Remix & Visual

Today we have the pleasure in premiering a new video from the Bristol-based hip-hop crew The Scribes, whose latest offering "Haunted House Party" was remixed by the German boom bap specialist Krisengebeat, through The Get Down Records.

Photo by Rachael Amos Photography

The genre-spanning UK hip-hop trio The Scribes recently collaborated with German boom bap specialist Krisengebeat on a remix of last year's B-side "Haunted House Party," featuring the group's alter-ego "Mr. Teatime." Consisting of members—lyricist and producer Shaun Amos, aka Ill Literate, rapper Jonny Steele and beatbox maestro Lacey—the trio is known for exploring the gritty and dirtier side of hip-hop.

The new remix of "Haunted House Party" was produced during lockdown, combining Krisengebeats' heralded jazzy boom bap styling with the trio's rich and razor-sharp bars. The atmospheric backdrop incorporate layers of sprinkling keys, samples and a hard-hitting beat that's paired with haunting and hazy visuals, creating a claustrophobic environment like the COVID-19 lockdown.

In the video, you'll see peculiar visuals with "Mr. Teatime" throwing a house party for a selection of stuffed toys that descend quickly into chaos debauchery, while examining the mental effects of isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"I knocked up the video myself using stuff we had around the house/studio and then mashed it up a bit for the remix," Amos said via email. "It’s been my first time doing video editing so I'm very much learning as I go but I'm pretty chuffed with the outcome. Doing it myself really makes me appreciate the skills of some of the music video directors we work with!"

The original "Haunted House Party" was produced by J-Boom, but the trio started looking to do collaborations to make the most out of their time off the road. According to the trio, Krisengebeat was the ideal choice to remix the track, especially since he had already remixed the single's A-side, "Stir Crazy."

"First I want to give respect to J-Boom from Finland who made the original version which is pretty dope," Krisengebeat said via email. "As you can hear I created a darker version with slow drums and a spooky atmosphere."

According to The Scribes, they have a few more collaborations on the way as well as working on the second part of their Totem Trilogy series, produced by Vice Beats and featuring Akil from Jurassic 5 and Dizzy Dustin from Ugly Duckling. Unlike around this time last year, the trio will be back on the road properly by the end of July and will perform 34 shows, which will be announced soon, along with a few festival stops.

"Haunted House Party" (Krisengebeat Remix) is out now via The Get Down Records. Stream the new remix below.