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Video Premiere: The Fillmores Find Solace in the Glimmer of Jangle Pop on "Keeping It Light"

Following last August's double single, the Naarm/Melbourne jangle pop six-piece The Fillmores are back with a clip for their new single "Keeping it Light." The lead single to their forthcoming debut album Makey Sensey, is a celebration of sonic nostalgia that intertwines charming lyricism with warbling guitars and idiosyncratic production.

Photo by Dylan Jardine

Hailing from Melbourne/Naarm and Apollo Bay (Gadubanud Country) The Fillmores began as a creative outlet for brothers Jack and Seamus Fillmore, that slowly evolved into a six-piece. With a mish-mash of styles and sounds that draw influence from The Go-Betweens, Tangled Shoelaces, Dick Diver and classic Flying Nun bands, The Fillmores play a unique brand of scrappy and bittersweet jangle pop that's complemented by their starry-eyed energy.

Following up last August's double single, "Heart Shaped Orange" / "A Bit Too Much," The Fillmores have returned with the new single, "Keeping it Light," the first single off their long-awaited and forthcoming full-length debut album, Makey Sensey, out October 31st through Critter Records. Recorded alongside Jasper Jolley of Bones and Jones, the pulsing new single highlights the band's assured and mature jangle pop sensibilities that offers a soaring saxophone and jingle-jangle guitars over a playful drum machine beat.

Check out the music video below and pre-order Makey Sensey through Critter Records here.

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