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Video Premiere: Osees Take Another Leering Shot at Brain Scraping Synth-Punk on "Stunner"

After embracing primitive anarcho-punk on last year's A Foul Form, the ever prolific and constantly frenetic Osees shed their skin once again, returning today with the third single from their forthcoming album Intercepted Message, an album best described as "a pop record for tired times." The latest cut "Stunner" is a manic brain-frying sonic splendor that shares the chaotically buzzing synth-punk DNA of The Lost Sounds, Ausmuteants, Total Control, and Suicide — it's another radiant blast of the Osees' sheer velocity, as fun and frothy as they've ever been at any point in their now massive catalog.

Photo by Titouan Massė

The ever prolific and constantly frenetic garage punk luminaries Osees recently shared the details to their forthcoming LP, Intercepted Message, due out August 18 on In The Red Records. Following the release of the record's first two singles — "Intercepted Message" and "Goon" — today, the band shares its opening track, "Stunner," an abrasive synth-punk nugget that's all sucked up and bent brilliantly out of shape with its zigzagging analog synth stabs, scuzzy guitar lines, and caffeinated double-drumming. The new single also comes with a highly energetic music video directed by Matt Yoka, whose 2020 Sundance documentary Whirlybird featured soundtrack music from garage rocker Ty Segall. When telling us about the new single and accompanying music video, bandleader John Dwyer was quite vivid in our exchange over email.

"Life is a short hot mess. Take a breath in the moments when you're not taking it right in the face. Frenetic tunes for scattered times," Dwyer said. "Matt Yoka came up with the idea of filming us playing the song in our rehearsal space with as many people as we could fit and as many formats as he could stomach. Hi vis on all the kids constricted and claustrophobic just as contemporary routines can be. Noise, obstacle and pointless spectacle. There is no escape! Good luck."

Intercepted Message is out August 18th on In the Red Records. Pre-order the wax below and purchase tickets to the upcoming tour dates here.


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