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Video Premiere: Open Head Supplies a One-Two Punch on the Nervy 'Head Talk'

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming debut album, Joy, and Other Sufferings, the Kingston-based post-punk outfit Open Head have kindly given us the first look of the new video for their lead single "Head Talk."

Photo by Lenora Holler

Hailing from Kingston, New York, the noisy and superbly-tight post-punk four-piece Open Head are following up 2019's demo tape with their upcoming full-length debut, Joy, and Other Sufferings, through the Los Angeles label I'm into Life Records.

Recorded alongside producer D. James Goodwin (Muzz, Kevin Morby) at the Isokon Studio in Woodstock, NY, Open Head plant their penchant for experimentation with an impenetrable and agitated wall of swarming guitar obliteration on the new single "Head Talk." The fresh cut is a sprawling and chaotic voyage between jagged and angular post-punk chord progressions that overlay a tightly-zipped groove — think somewhere in the territory of Unwound and U.S. Maple. The band also collaborated with visual artist and musician Big Flowers for a terrifically scattered and disjointed music video.

"'Head Talk' is a product of a lot of time spent together in isolation throughout this pandemic," the band said about the new single. "Rigid cuts and sharp turns just felt representational of where we were at mentally and physically. We don't know how to not be loud and outspoken. Growing up on music that kicks and shouts though an assortment of means; it feels good to finally pay homage to everyone that shaped who we are today. We just want to make sense of this life… and this song feels like a great introduction to that."

Watch and listen to the new single below.

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