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Video Premiere: Mouseatouille Sprints Around Rusty Metal on "Bullet"

Today the ever-evolving Melbourne-based experimental rock band Mouseatouille are celebrating the two year anniversary of their 2019 LP Out of the Hospital and Into the Morgue with a new music video for the delightfully fuzzy and raw "Bullet."

Photo by Grace Culley

What some would refer to as lo-fi music, millennials and Gen Zers would call bedroom pop or DIY pop, a genre of music that's distinguished by its lo-fi aesthetic, but has since progressed into a movement on the internet. The Melbourne-based experimental rock band Mouseatouille perfectly evokes this style while placing their limitless nature fearlessly front and center.

Fronted by multi-instrumentalists Harry Green (Babyccino, Firstkiss) and Spencer Noonan (Lottery Girls, Think About You), Mouseatouille has been constantly growing since forming in 2016. Over the years, they've enlisted fellow musicians to fill roles and apply their own distinctive layer to each composition — around 30 other musicians played alongside Green and Noonan on their second album, 2019's Out of the Hospital and Into the Morgue. Mouseatouille are celebrating the two year anniversary of their second album with a new video for the noise-spiked cut "Bullet," a repertoire forever wrapped in hard-hitting emotions, catchy and ear-spitting riffs and a steadfast, pounding rhythm section. Alongside Eddie Lange, Green filmed Mouseatouille guitarist Dan Chaplin as the "bullet" for a visual that's just as chaotically mutated as the track.

"When we were first working on the song about three years ago, Spencer [Noonan] offhandedly suggested that I spray paint him chrome and film him running around the local shops for a music video — he would be the song's titular bullet. The idea was so striking to me that it stuck in my head ever since," Green said. "Recently, I mentioned it Dan and he was taken by the potential for mischief, going around the city in such a strange costume. About a month ago, I was rewatching 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man,' an old Japanese horror film that features a character who turns into iron. While I was watching, the idea really clicked. Our two main inspirations for the video were that movie and the man on the street segments from 'The Tom Green Show,' where Tom walks around annoying people.

We ended up meeting a lot of people who were very charmed by Dan as the bullet. People were yelling out to him and rushing over for selfies. We put a bit of that in the video, but I really wanted to have constant and disorienting cutting to match the erratic nature of the song."

Watch the new music video for "Bullet" below. Also stay tune for Paperface Zine Issue 3 where we interviewed Green about Mouseatouille's experimental home recording techniques and inspiring DIY ethos.

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