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Video Premiere: Metdog Rushes Through a Snotty Synth-Punk Cacophony on "Screen Time"

Naarm/Melbourne synth-punks Metdog are back today with a video for their latest single "Screen Time," an exhilaratingly frenetic and sour rush of adrenaline-fueled guitars, quirky synth stabs, and sardonic social commentary. Along with the premiere, we caught up with members Darcy Moorfield and Sol to dive into the creation of the new video and plans for their next album.

Photo by Davey Horvat

Back in April, Naarm/Melbourne synth-punks Metdog returned with the snotty and janky cut "Screen Time," an exhilaratingly frenetic and sour rush of adrenaline-fueled guitars, quirky synth stabs, and sardonic social commentary. Today, the band returned with its dashing music video that features clips of the band strolling around on their phones in their home suburb of Brunswick Melbourne and with obligatory feature of dogs.

The latest single follows up last October's one-off single "When I Look Around" and 2021's Critter Records-released EP Certified Lover Dog. Composed of guitarist-vocalist Darcy Moorfield, bassist-vocalist Sol, keyboardist Scott Urwin, and drummer Nick Reynolds, Metdog formed in 2019 and released their debut album Metdog Blues in December of 2020. Since then, the four-piece has been an unstoppable force in Naarm/Melbourne underground rock circuit and even last month they toured around Australia and shared bills with bands like Heir Traffic, Full Flower Moon Band, Tombeau & the Idiots, and more.

Along with the video premiere, we caught up with Moorfield and Sol to dive into the creation of the new video and plans for their next album.

Paperface Zine: How did the tour go back in April?

Metdog: Was fuknso fun, froth. Met so many nice and talented people and got to play lots of rock. Wish rock music was still fully a thing so u could make money off it and not have to work at a workplace instead of play rock. Shotout Tombeau & the Idiots.

PZ: What are the origins of Metdog?

Metdog: Fully just woke up one day and was like "Okay, I'm a loser, public transport should be free, and rock music is fun. Let's try to figure it all out."

PZ: What has the Metdog journey been like since the first release in 2019? What has the progression been like for the recording project?

Metdog: Slow, fun, tedious, rewarding, ego-boosting, soul crushing, grindset 100/100, good creative juice, punk, salty, sweet, Joe Rogan, Billy Joe Armstrong, and Eddie Vedder. To be honest, it's been great because it's fully intended as a learning about recording kind of project and we have learnt heaps so great success……. kind of?

Photo by Davey Horvat

PZ: Today we're premiering the video for your most recent single "Screen Time." Talk to me about how this video came together and what it was like making it? Also what was the vision behind it?

Metdog: What it was like was literally just like hanging out with mates all day and just filming silly shit. Used all the lyrics of the song as locations and just did it all in our home suburb of Brunswick Melbourne. AE productions are absolutely legends and were heaps creative all day and that's good juice to be around.

PZ: How did recording the track itself come together?

Metdog: Done in our mates' home studio shoutouts Tom Pleasence, then heaps done at home in our bedrooms. Don't use a 4-track or anything just Abelton on our laptop because that's all we have; it's purely computer music. Lots of effort into the production though with just not much of a budget. Or any budget.

PZ: The latest single follows up your last EP Certified Lover Dog. Looking back a couple years later, what was it like putting that release together?

Metdog: It was done in lockdown so it was pretty easy and we had heaps of time. It was also a good revision of production we had done in the past add a few new things and did it real fast too and didn't really care too much, but sounded pretty good so I was stoked.

Photo by Davey Horvat

PZ: Last October, you released the single "When I Look Around." How did that track come together?

Metdog: Sol did it all actually and wanted to make fast funny punk song riff was kinda hard to play took ages, but other than that it was pretty easy. We just wanted to put it out since it was sitting in the back of our catalogue for a while. Nick said "Fuck yeah drop it."

PZ: Back in July '22, you also submitted the track "What’s My Computer For" on Critter Records' compilation tape Demos 2. What are the origins of that track and do you plan to release an official version of it?

Metdog: Shout out to Critter Records! And yes, yes we do plan to release a proper version of it. Have that song plus "Hey Siri" and "Screen Time" all on an album about Computers and the and truest (?) public realm. It has 12 songs and they sound pretty good.

PZ: What else is on the horizon for Metdog for the rest of the year?

Metdog: Album release, which has taken age, but its nearly fully cooked and ready to come out. Maybe we will play an Australian tour again with more dates? Maybe an EP since we have been writing. Any good bands reading this want us to support we will do it. Let us play in your city and we will come to you. ---à thanks Paperface you are a good publication. We respect you.


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