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Video Premiere: Maraudeur Shows Off Their Wildly Discordant Post-Punk on "Le Couloir du Soir"

Accompanying the upcoming reissue of last year's long-awaited sophomore effort, Puissance 4, the Leipzig-based post-punk band Maraudeur invite listeners once again into their minimal, synth-tinged no wave world with a new music video out for the highly-discordant "Le Couloir du Soir."

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After a four-year wait, the Leipzig-based post-punk band Maraudeur finally followed up their 2017 self-titled debut with last year's long-awaited self-produced sophomore effort, Puissance 4. Across their latest album, Maraudeur create an abstract landscape in the tangled no wave noise and angular post-punk spectrum with their unexpected twists and turns of wiry guitar chords, eerie melodies, and fluttery, hopscotch syncopations.

Coming up on the one-year anniversary of Puissance 4, Maraudeur is teaming up with the well-rounded Virginia based record label, Feel It Records, to reissue their latest album, replicating the DIY packaging of the band's self-released version, due out May 6.

Ahead of the reissue, Maraudeur shared a new music video to accompany the nervy and rhythmic tumble of "Le Couloir du Soir." The clip flawlessly highlights the track's frantic thought process that accents its jolting beats along with the effortless deadpan vocals — it's an immediate blast of discordant art punk that is consistently shifting textures as it whips around.

Listen and watch the new clip below. Pre-order the upcoming reissue of Puissance 4 here.


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