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Video Premiere: Delivery Preview Their Upcoming Double Single with the Sharp & Witty "The Topic"

Ahead of the release for their upcoming double single, Personal Effects / The Topic, the rising Melbourne-based post-punk quartet Delivery are back with a new music video for fans to sink their teeth into.

Photo by Jem Hollway

Following up from the release of the superbly slashing Yes We Do EP back in June, the Melbourne post-punk unit Delivery are back with a new music video directed by James Morris for the cut "The Topic," from their forthcoming double single Personal Effects / The Topic, out November 26 via Spoilsport Records.

Forming during lockdown by bassist/vocalist Rebecca Allan (Gutter Girls, Blonde Revolver) and guitarist/vocalist James Lynch (The Vacant Smiles, Kosmetika), the pair quickly added in guitarist/vocalist Lisa Rashleigh (Soursob), drummer Daniel Devlin (Heir Traffic, House Deposit) and newly recruited guitarist Sam Harding (Mug, Gamjee). The new double single is the first release representative of the band as a quintet and imbues their nervy brand of garage punk with sonic detail — it's the band at their most dynamic and energetic.

The new track "The Topic" continues Delivery's restless and tightly-wound clutter of wiry guitar lines and frantic rhythms, while expanding upon the band's sprawling experiments.

The delightfully raw and biting guitar interplay fly over the no-wave scrawls grounded in jagged rhythms, zany saxophone bursts and electronic squirms for another sonic freakout.

Speaking about the new track, Allan said, "This song was a really fun step into a more collaborative direction for the band. James came up with a demo for the instrumental part of the song and let me at it to 'sing' over haha. The lyrics were written in a quick sassy moment after reading an article about our prime minister Scott Morrison and his attempt to not attend Glasgow COP26… I guess just asking for any slither of real commitment to climate change from that big idiot. The song is pretty chaotic and I love that the clip matches the energy and maybe even tops it."

The new single is another stepping stone in revealing the restless and shapeshifting identity of Delivery and with a stretch of shows lined up over the coming months, it marks the beginning of what will come from the band in 2022.

Alongside the upcoming double single, Delivery will be returning to the stage for a free show at the B.East in Brunswick with support from Alien Nosejob and Imperial Leather, on Friday, November 26 at 9:00 p.m.

Watch the new music video for "The Topic" below.


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