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Single Premiere: Jimso Slim Delivers a Hybrid of Lonesome Folk & Psychedelia on "Come and See"

Following a handful of singles and the acoustic led album 76, the Rochester-based singer-songwriter Shane Joyce, aka Jimso Slim, returns with a new single that carries a minimalist approach, fusing his lo-fi folk roots with tinges of psychedelia and country into a unique sonic species.


Similar to his previous single "Street Corner Minds," Joyce's intimate folk rock styling is becomes more infinite on his latest single "Come and See." While applying a new approach to traditional folk forms, "Come and See" is bolstered by a rough sound quality that's accompanied by Joyce's signature nasally tone that hovers over the slack and twangy guitar lines and spacey production style. The latest single is doused with mind-bending effects and samples, especially during its bridge, giving it a unique quirkiness that's reminiscent of '60s psych pop.

Reflecting on the new single, Joyce says it resulted from numerous listens to albums like Bob Dylan's New Morning and Dr. Dog's debut album Toothbrush.

"I was looking to expand on some of my folk or old country stylings that I gravitate towards, but weave in some elements that separates itself from that origin," Joyce said.

Check out the latest single below.

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