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Single Premiere: The Dolphins Stir Up Mesmerizing Tranquility on "Daydream Girl"

Following their debut 7" single Die in California / Now That You Know Me, the Melbourne garage rockers The Dolphins are back with a new addictive psychedelic trip that's strangely warm and inviting.

Photo by Sophie Gabrielle

After releasing their limited debut single of gloriously head-spinning psychedelia, the Melbourne-based band The Dolphins are back with another woozy and cosmic epic that offers listeners a deeper dive into their hypnotic and mysterious world. Previously formed as The Twistees, The Dolphins comprise of vocalist and guitarist Sonny Campbell, guitarist Rigel Maple, bassist Adam Markmann and drummer Joe Victory. The shape-shifting four-piece have conjured up once again another garage-psych odyssey that now previews the band's upcoming debut EP that's due out next year.

The new single "Daydream Girl" expands upon The Dolphins' kaleidoscope dose of layered psych-rock explorations. Drifting between mindful mediation and laidback cool, the new track is an immersive ride of the band's sonic textures and spacey ambience. A warm and fuzzy synth fills out the airy gaze, adding a lush blanket of reverb-soaked melodies and yearning harmonies to the steady beat and slide guitar. Eventually the guitars get fuzzier, the drums hit harder and the squelching brass piles up.

"We had a demo of this song for a while with about 40 tracks on it. It was definitely going to be the longest and most layered song we'd put together so we really wanted to spend a lot of time on it, getting all the sounds and textures right," Campbell said in an email interview. "The EP is going to be a collection of some of the songs we've released at the start of the year, but with some slightly different mixes, and then a couple of new ones. All recorded at Pharmacy Studio in Victoria, but tinkered with and expanded on at our studio."

Stream the new single below and click here to purchase the limited 7" single

Die in California / Now That You Know Me.

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