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Single Premiere: Strange Attractor Bashes Out No-Frills Garage Punk on “I Always Get What I Want”

Sudbury, Ontario garage punks Strange Attractor have a new album out today called Good Boy Bad Boy through Montreal's Celluoid Lunch Records, UK's Drunken Sailor Records, and Mexico's Discos De Muerte. Along with the new album, the band has also released a new visual for the track "I Always Get What I Want," a 45-second snotty and adrenalized garage stomp. We caught up with bandleader Jeff Houle to discuss the return of Strange Attractor and how the new album and visual came about.

Sudbury, Ontario garage punk vets and aggressors, Strange Attractor are back today with their highly anticipated new album Good Boy Bad Boy, out today through Celluoid Lunch Records (CA), Drunken Sailor Records (UK), and Discos De Muerte (MX). The new 18-track album is a high voltage power of rough-n-ready rock 'n' roll straight out of the garage that's boosted by its snotty vocals and heavily distorted '77 punk propulsion with some pop sensibilities. The Chats' bassist-vocalist Eamon Sandwith makes an appearance with his biting offbeat vocals on "Warm Piss."

Along with the new album, the band has also released a new music video for the track "I Always Get What I Want," which was made alongside Bad Taste Cinema. We caught up with bandleader Jeff Houle to discuss the return of Strange Attractor and how the new album and visual came about.

Paperface Zine: How exactly did Strange Attractor start initially and how have you guys grown over the years? 


Jeff Houle: Strange Attractor is the name that I chose for my solo recording project in 2008. I was bored and wanted to have a try at recording myself at home. I had some mics from the dollar store and some free software . I didn't really plan on making records. I wanted to record something that sounded like The Seeds meets The Angry Samoans. After the first LP came out, I put a band together so that we could play some shows. Over the years, we’ve played a lot of gigs in Canada and also some in Europe. The lineup for the live band has changed a little over the years, but has been mainly the same core of pals for the most part. Good Boy Bad Boy will be the tenth release as Strange Attractor. It was recorded out of boredom during the pandemic and is just now being released.

PZ: We're premiering your latest single, “I Always Get What I Want” today. How did this track come about and what did you envision for it when initially composing it?


JH: I've always had a strange way of writing the songs. I usually start with a drum track and then squeeze in a bassline and then some guitar tracks. Once I have that, I will write some lyrics. I will find something to point the finger at or just something silly to have a laugh, depending on my mood that day.


PZ: The new single is also paired with a new visual uploaded today through Tremendo Garaje. What was it like putting that together and what’s with all the chicken? 


JH: We had a lot of fun making this video. I didn’t have any budget for it so we thought it would be cool to shoot a oner. Less lighting, no editing. Bad Taste Cinema were rad and generous enough to produce the video with the help of some good friends. The chicken! I’ve always wanted to attend a garage-rock gathering wearing a white shirt and a saucy chicken wing necklace… Also, I love eating chicken wings.

PZ: This is from your latest LP Good Boy Bad Boy, which is loaded with 18 tracks of bloody garage punk. When and where did you record it and what was it like putting it together? Eddie Flowers is a big fan!


JH: Good Boy Bad Boy was recorded at home inthe basement. My brother Mitch, who also plays drums in the live band and in Tommy and The Commies, helped mix it at his studio The Piss Factory. I was stuck in lockdown and spent three weeks in the basement tracking and messing around with sounds. I sat on it for a while and then asked Mitch to do the final mix. Tim Warren mastered it. Eamon Sandwith did a guest vocal, Christian Pelletier did the design and layout, Brandon Gray took the photo, what more can I say? I think it’s pretty frickin’ cool that Heavy Eddie digs it!


PZ: What’s the Sudbury, Ontario punk scene like currently? 


JH: Sudbury has always had a vibrant supportive music community. It’s a smaller city so the scenes are not divided for the most part. You can expect to see the usual suspects at shows regardless of the genre. We could really use some new/younger bands at the moment. If you are reading this, young or young at heart, please start a band.


PZ: Can we expect some Strange Attractor shows later this year?


JH: I am getting offers, but I can’t promise anything at the moment.

Good Boy Bad Boy is out now through Celluoid Lunch Records, Drunken Sailor Records, and Discos De Muerte. Stream the new album here.


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