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Single Premiere: Shove Barrels Through New Song "Eddie"

The rising Melbourne punk four-piece Shove are gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut EP, out October 15 through Rack off Records. Today we have the pleasure of sharing the new single "Eddie," a darting and blistering blitz that amplifies the band's unrestrained ethos.

Photo by Dylan Jardine

Forming in 2019, the Melbourne punk band Shove are an underground supergroup of sorts. Featuring members from a handful of local punk mainstays including Shit Sex, Eat-Man, and Burger Chef, the four-piece functions as a complete unit and between their energetic live performances and new studio work, they are living up to their name and currently at their top of their game.

Following the thrilling lead single "Chopper," Shove is back with the new single "Eddie," the second slice from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP. The fiery cut is a contagious and furious one, that puts you in a grimy basement rocking your head until your nose bleeds. Between frontwoman Bella Kranjec's ruthless and charging yelps, Adrian Vernon's spiraling guitar riffage to the pounding rhythm from bassist James Hale and drummer Hamish Storrie, the wall of noise on "Eddie" is as sprawling as it is intense.

"'Eddie' is about the long lost (and tragically underappreciated) cousin of Ed, Edd n Eddy who, due to their ongoing substance abuse issues, had to take a step back from the stardom and accolades that come with being one of Cartoon Network's most popular two-dimensional dickheads," Kranjec explains about the new single. "Their ego and associations with less than approachable members of the animated society, left them with a really expensive bill following a trip in the big white rideshare with red and blue lights. Look, everyone makes mistakes. The real question is...How much do you like hanging out in the emergency rooms of public hospitals?"

Shove's forthcoming debut EP is out October 15 via Rack Off Records. Pre-order the 7" here.

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