Single Premiere: Remote Control Unearths Lightning-Fast Garage Punk on "Everyone is the Same"

Whether it's the mutated synth-punk of Set-Top Box or the fractured melodies of Satanic Togas, the Sydney-based creative, Tee-Vee Repairman, is always cranking out nervy eruptions across his bedroom recording projects. He's now summoned another alter ego, this time releasing music under the moniker Remote Control, and today, we have the pleasure of premiering the project's debut single "Everyone is the Same."

Tee-Vee Repairman has been restlessly spearheading the Sydney underground garage punk scene for the last few years through his oddball solo ventures like Satanic Togas and Set-Top Box and alongside the bands he plays in including Research Reactor Corp., Gee Tee, and Mainframe. He also runs the Sydney-based weirdo cassette punk label Warttmann Inc., who have been on a roll the past few years.

Today, Tee-Vee Repairman has unveiled another bedroom project called Remote Control, which has been on the backburner for the past couple years, after teasing the project through limited cassettes right before the pandemic. With the release of the project's debut single, "Everyone is the Same," Tee-Vee Repairman will release a limited four-track self-titled 7" single on May 20 through Under The Gun Records in the United States and Under Heat Records in Australia. Swarming forward with its cleverly tight, maxed out guitar agitation, paranoid-induced vocals and shriller squalls, "Everyone is the Same" might be one of Tee-Vee Repairman's rawest tracks yet as it veers into total chaos that splits your head wide-open over its one-minute runtime.

"Remote Control started simply due to boredom" Tee-Vee Repairman said via email. "The songs were written and recorded in four hours on March 5th 2020 just before the pandemic and I just dubbed a couple of tapes for mates and my favorite Warttmann customers. I can't remember how many I did, but Billiam [who co-runs Under Heat Records] got his hands on one and asked if he could put it out."

Even though Tee-Vee Repairman said this new project may never see the stage, he will be coming over to states in late September for a short tour with Gee Tee and Research Reactor Corp., including a stop at the Memphis garage rock extravaganza Gonerfest. He says he also has more releases coming out for his other recording projects.

"There's nothing planned for Remote Control. Maybe well play a show? But we probably won't," he says. "There's a couple things coming out from my other projects this year though, including A Tee-Vee Repairmann LP that's pretty much done. Satanic Togas and RRC should have new albums out sometime soon as well. I've been doing a project with JJ of The Gobs and Billy in RRC called 3D & The Holograms and there's an LP and a 7" coming out on Roachleg Records and Goodbye Boozy, respectively."

Pre-orders for the upcoming self-titled 7" single are available now through Under Heat Records in Australia. The release will be available for sale in the United States on May 20 through Under The Gun.