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Single Premiere: No Knuckle Returns with Unrestrained Energy on "Sanitation"

The garage punk trio No Knuckle are back today with the new track "Sanitation," the first single to their forthcoming EP that will come out June 7 through Tomothy Records. Along with the release, we also caught up with the trio to dive more into the new single and see what they've been up to since 2020's excellent self-titled debut EP.

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Comprised of energetic Portland and Los Angeles punks Gage M. (Fib, Gage Maurie, Gimmick) and Damien T. (Fib, Master Zit, Gimmick) and international man of leisure and photo documentarian, Nate K. (Moderation, AZ Power, Rapid Response, Gimmick), No Knuckle unexpectedly landed on the Los Angeles-based punk label Tomothy Records (Rearranged Face, Prized Pig, Celebrators), who also run the analog recording studio called House of Tomothy, and soon found themselves in the motions of prepping for the follow-up to 2020's self-titled debut EP.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering "Sanitation," the first glimpse to the trio's forthcoming 9-track EP, set to be released on June 7. Driven by its heavy-handed drumming and classic punk prowess, the new track rips through a steady beat with its tightly wound chord progression, feverishly catchy, freak show riffs, and agitated vocals — you'll surely be on the lookout for what's next.

In a brief chat through email, founding member Gage M. details how the band hooked up with Tomothy Records and how the upcoming release was recorded over the course of one weekend.

"Damien and I took a trip down to Los Angeles to meet with Nate and finally record this record we'd had written for months. Nate had moved down to L.A. to work with the all gas no breaks crew and it was the only feasible way to get it done. That was in February 2021. We came in contact with Tomothy through essentially being fans. Our friends in The Freakees recorded with them and we loved the record, as well as the insane project Prized Pig, who have a completely unhinged sound. After looking around a bit we sent them an email and they could not have been more hyped on our vision. Their studio is a perfect place to lay a record down. One room where it all happens is more appealing to all of us than isolated booths and weird sectioned off recording rooms."

Gage also added the possibility of a West Coast tour next fall with Portland pals Nick Normal and couple music videos down the road. Currently Gage and Damien T. are about to embark on Fib's 2022 tour. Pre-order for the forthcoming release starts Tuesday, May 24.


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