Single Premiere: Pomelo Dart Around Circular Motorik Beats & Spiraling Complexity on "Validations"

The Rochester-based trio Pomelo have released the exhilarating and commanding new single "Validations," the title track from their forthcoming debut album.

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Pomelo are back with a new single ahead of their upcoming self-produced debut album Validations, out December 1. Today, they've shared its title track, which follows up last month's lead single "Mono No Aware," a nervy gallop between disjointed noise rock and jagged post-punk with an experimental edge.

In just under three minutes, Pomelo conjure up a swarm of serrating guitars, pounding drums, and hard hitting riffs to sink your teeth into. The new track finds its groove from sputtering and darting around the impeccably tightly-coiled rhythms and quick tempos with stabs of overdriven guitars and agitated vocals.

Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Adam Maida, bassist Erik Happ and drummer Travis Johansen, there's a fearlessness to the trio's hypnotic template of experimental song structures that's a hybrid of angst-ridden post-hardcore, muscular post-punk and sprawling krautrock. With each member maintaining other projects between striking imagery, sharp-sounding math rock, and even salacious electro-pop, Pomelo's charging soundscapes run rampant.

In a recent email interview, Maida said the new album came with the intent of expanding upon their 2019 EP that comprised of rough demos, while leaving room for the heavy experimentation that was brewing for years along with frustration amidst the pandemic.

"The recording of the album was pretty painless, but also a great experience as we did it all ourselves. A lot of trial and error but it was worth it," Maida said. "What we envisioned was pretty straightforward...mostly what we didn't want; something overtly polished and instead more akin to how we sound naturally, almost live, but with a tight pumping rhythm section, angular guitars and enough space to allow the less intense and indulgent parts to really breathe."

Validations is out December 1. Stream the new single below.