Single Premiere: Mozë Sheds a Light on the Beauty of Femininity on New Single "Ruse"

Mozë is the new solo project from the Wangaratta-raised, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Zoe Marshall, previously of the crafty indie pop band Zoe and the Milkmen. Following the swelling and unfiltered beauty of her debut single "Afraid" back in July, Marshall returns with her second self-produced single, the stunningly cinematic and deeply introspective "Ruse."

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Recently signing to the newly founded Melbourne-based label Squinked Records, the reflective singer-songwriter and bedroom artist Zoe Marshall is embarking on a new solo venture under the moniker Mozë. Through this new project, Marshall allows her authenticity to show more than ever through her vulnerable lyricism and rich, genre-bending soundscapes; fusing her neo-soul roots with potent pop sensibilities and an electronic production. Marshall achieves a balance between her delicate and powerful arrangements that are amplified by her raw honesty.

Following her soul-searching debut single "Afraid," which she wrote during the 2020 lockdowns, Marshall is back with another enchanting listen, the self-aware and emotionally stirring ballad "Ruse." Grounded with an empowering belt of self-assurance and sincerity, "Ruse" is bolstered by its minimal groove and thick bassline that overflows with a cool confidence. Speaking about the new track, Marshall said she wrote the song three years ago after feeling hurt and unheard following a painful breakup with a friend.

"'Ruse' encapsulates my way of protecting myself from falling into the pain of losing a friend — I didn't want to accept it at the time. I put a lot of blame onto the person I was writing the song about, 'Miserable morning, my day is ruined. I'm bound to be broken, I'm wasted on you.' It was only a moment of silence within our friendship, we drifted for a second and it left me feeling completely lonely. I guess 'Ruse' was, in a more poetic way, a tantrum I had to project all of my emotions into something physical. So, initially this song was somewhat a Ruse to myself, a disguise to convince myself that I was okay," Marshall expressed in an email interview. "The ounce of honesty that I do hear in the song is this small acknowledgment of vulnerability; 'maybe I did something wrong…' I think the way I envisioned it was a perfect representation of how I felt at the time, but it's funny how I see through that now."

After making waves in the Melbourne music scene with her debut single, Marshall proves this is just beginning of her solo project. Even though she's been self-recording her music lately, she has a recording session scheduled for an upcoming EP that's currently in the works.

"It's been so challenging, but so invigorating," Marshall describes composing and recording her own music. "We are all on our own journey, mine being a coming of age theme, but I feel so lucky to manifest that into my music. It's my way of working through hard times, celebrating good times and understanding the weirdness of life. Writing manages to tug the truth from my teeth, so this solo adventure has been extremely cool. I am getting to know myself pretty well and I really enjoy sharing that with others, because I think others can gain something from it too."