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Single Premiere: Easy Browns Inject Their Wild Garage Punk Tenacity on "Adept Adapter"

Just a couple months after the punchy garage pop gem "Bubbles," the Melbourne garage-psych genre-benders Easy Browns show off once again their versatility on the chaotically far out "Adept Adapter."

Photo by Thomas Pincott

Despite the hellscape of lockdowns and lack of live music over the last couple years in Melbourne, Easy Browns have yet to reign in their creative fury since forming in 2015. In late 2020, they released their third LP Down On The Farm and most recently, contributed to the highly sought-after Critter Records Demos 1 compilation and released the ramshackle guitar pop number "Bubbles" back in December. Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Zak Brown (who also runs Critter Records), vocalist and bassist Shelby Wilton, guitarist Lucas Roberts, and drummer Liam Wilkerson, Easy Browns are back with the new single, "Adept Adapter," a jittery, nitro-fueled garage-psych assault with a familiar wash of fuzzy textures and plenty of reverb. Even though it officially comes out tomorrow through Critter Records, we have the pleasure of premiering the fiery new slice today.

Produced with the help of Michael Badger, known as the frontman of The Demon Parade and for his production work with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, the new single was originally conceived during Melbourne's first lockdown in 2020. After composing the more catchy and melodic "Bubbles," Brown wanted a new song that sounded more mischievous and sharp.

"The lyrics are a reflection of being someone who has tried to fit the mould, I've tried to be the 'Adept Adapter' and it has never really worked out," Brown wrote in an exchange through email. "My best has always been when I've maintained a strong sense of who I want to be, yet not so rigidly that it prevents learning from others, and believe me there have been many eye opening interactions for me in the last couple of years! I've also had friends who have been too adaptable and too fluid and I think it's an easy way to lose sight of yourself."

"Adept Adapter" was recorded after the band had split off with original lead guitarist Brodie Casey and before bringing Roberts on board at the beginning of last year. According to Brown, the single was recorded in Churchill in Gippsland on Gunaikurnai Country, in a shack that used to be a homestead for returning veterans from World War I.

"It was a beautiful place and there were blackberry bushes everywhere so we just ate heaps of blackberries all day and recorded new songs. Our mate James Campbell of The Codeine Cowboys helped us record it too, he and I combined our gear and did the dubious dance over about five days. We actually recorded those initial sessions to a Tascam 4-track cassette machine, I love the sound you get with those crunchy old buggers!"

Propelled by slink new wave licks and sharp chord changes, "Adept Adapter" is a mind trip through a kraut-like grind of kaleidoscopic range. Brown also mentions his band has a new album coming out soon, but all details are under wraps for now.

"I won't beat around the bush, we've got another record coming out very soon and we're hell keen to share it with everyone and play some shows. After the latter hullabaloo we're going to keep it quiet, maybe even for good, we're not sure yet, the future is always uncertain and it helps to be adaptable as things unfold, after all that's what has made humans so successful (understandably a subjective notion) is our ability to acclimatize. So keep on growing and mostly keep on rocking."

The celebration of "Adept Adapter" will be held at Cafe Gummo this Friday, February 11, with support from Property and EZB. Stream the new single below and click here to purchase tickets to the upcoming single launch.

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