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Single Premiere: Dole Manchild Share New Hyperactive Single "Happy Couples!"

Following their frantic debut EP Draconia! last month, the Melbourne-based garage punk band Dole Manchild have shared their new single "Happy Couples!," another scuzzy trip down the rabbit hole loaded with militant noise and tongue in cheek agitation.

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After releasing their debut EP Draconia! back in September, the Melbourne-based garage punk five-piece Dole Manchild are already back with a new spiraling and fuzz-soaked stomper called "Happy Couples!"

The new single is an ugly beast that blends fractured shards of arty garage punk with a menacing sense of experimentation. While its a rapid-fire of blown-out and chaotic noise, the demented cut expands on the band's DIY charm that diverts expectations and bludgeoning just when you’ve been caught off guard. With a tight knack of blistering guitars, pounding drums, and angsty vocal ramblings, Dole Manchild meander infinitely.

Speaking about the new track, bandleader Dan Blitzman said "Here's three-minutes of an absurdist and vindictive self-reflection on jealousy, all the things you don't currently have and the FOMO we've experienced in our second year of lockdown."

Stream the new single below.

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