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Single Premiere: Crime of Passing's Synth-Saturated Post-Punk Spirals on "Tender Fixation"

Today we have the pleasure of premiering Crime of Passing's new single, "Tender Fixation," the first offering from their anticipated self-titled debut album, due out April 22 via Feel It Records and on cassette through Future Shock.

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Hailing from Cincinnati's vibrant underground scene, the post-punk five-piece Crime of Passing have been making noise the last few years with the cold and crushing sounds from their past couple of demos and EPs. Initially starting out as a solo venture for founding member Dakota Carlyle, who also runs Future Shock, Crime of Passing has evolved over the years into a five piece — now including Andie Luman, Bradley Kennedy, Chuck Walden, and Dylan McCratney. Now comprised of members from fellow chrome Midwest DIY bands (The Serfs, The Drin, Corker), Crime of Passing absorbs a barrage of unworldly sonic textures with their shades of angst-ridden post-punk and brooding cold wave.

Today, Crime of Passing released their new single, "Tender Fixation," the first offering to their anticipated self-titled debut album, out April 22 through Feel It Records and on cassette through Future Shock (previously Wasted Tapes). Led by Luman's combative nature, "Tender Fixation" is an onslaught of krauty synth-punk that swarms forward with its sharp guitar riffs, clattering beats, and charging vocals before descending into a scuzzy freakout.

Speaking about the new single through email, Carlyle said, "We tracked this song, and most of the album, live on a 16-track tape machine. We set up the same way we would live, did a few takes of each song, and picked the ones we liked best. The process was quick and felt natural. I think it's a good representation of what we do, and I wanted it to be a little scrappy at moments, as a direct objection to what you can expect from the typical, polished guitar centric post-punk record all so common anymore." In the same interview, Luman added, "'Tender Fixation' is really just about me being a freak. I have a preference to record vocals alone and John [Hoffman] is always great at working with me when it comes to that. This album has been a long time coming, so recording it felt long overdue."

While the new album includes a few re-recordings of previous released tracks, including "Off My Shoulder" and "Vision Talk," released together as a double single last year, it also shows Crime of Passing digging deeper into their cathartic and striking sonic tapestry, imbuing their bristling and hypnotic impulses to the max. "Crime of Passing for me is about self exploration, so expect some heady emotions," Luman said. "I'm not sticking to doing anything any certain way because that's what I'm supposed to do. This is the place to feel how I want to feel, say what I want to say, and do what I want to do. Some of these songs have appeared in various forms, but all of these felt the most concrete."

Crime of Passing's self-titled debut album comes out April 22 via Feel It Records and

Future Shock. Pre-order now and stream the new single below.


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