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Premiere: Tapdog Reveal More Boogie-Inducing Garage Punk on Deluxe Edition of 'Tapdog II'

Almost a year after releasing their second EP, Tapdog unveil more of their ravaged garage punk across the newly released deluxe edition of Tapdog II, out today through Critter Records.

The fantastically far-out Naarm/Melbourne-based garage punk outfit Tapdog blend together fractured shards of lo-fi garage punk, synth-punk, and even a touch of free jazz across their lackadaisical soundscapes of their second EP, Tapdog II. Today, the band unveiled the deluxe edition of the EP on cassette through Critter Records, highlighting more of their creative and borderless exploration. The new collection will feature the previous five original tracks along with five unreleased demos and alternative takes including the two-minute dance-punk explosion of "Trans." The demos also vary in style from the thick grooves of the garage boogie "Punters" to the the nervy eruptions of "Lose Your Soul."

Comprised of bandleader and lead guitarist Liam Wilkerson, bassist Layton Otene, drummer Emma Fowles, rhythm guitarist Anthony Ratcliffe, keyboardist Zak Brown (who also runs Critter Records), and synthesist Tom Hueston, Tapdog previously released their self-titled debut EP back in 2017 and appeared on both Critter Records compilations from last year — Cover is Blown and Demos 1. The idea of the newly released deluxe edition came about after the band's desire to beef up a cassette release of Tapdog II since its runtime is just under ten minutes.

As the band has loads of demos scattered across their individual laptops and with Wilkerson recording demos relentlessly, there was plenty of material to choose from for the new release. Speaking with Wilkerson through email, he says the band worked tirelessly when recording Tapdog II.

"We recorded that EP at our friend's great little studio in Thornbury and recorded live, crammed next to one another. The heat was relentless the day we tracked; definitely close to 40 degrees Celsius in the shed. I remember nearly passing out halfway through the second verse of 'Stiggypop,' which I'm sure if you listen closely, you can hear in my vocals,"" Wilkerson said. "Then Tom [Hueston] and I mixed the EP together over a few months in between episodes of On Cinema. To me, this deluxe edition is my measly version of Bob Dylan's Biograph, mixing previously released tracks with some demos and alternative versions."

Currently, the band is mixing an upcoming live release that will be released sometime in June.

The deluxe edition of Tapdog II is out now through Critter Records.

Stream and purchase the new EP on cassette below.

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