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Premiere: Spiral Rash Wanders Around Feral Guitar Jangles with a Lo-Fi Charm on Debut Demo Tape

Best known for his work in Snuffy and Fast Food, the Memphis-based creative Nick Burk ventures off on his own with his new solo recording project Spiral Rash and explores the weird, occasionally chaotic world of basement synth-punk that's merged with a lo-fi outsider songcraft.

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Nick Burk, best known for playing in oddball Memphis punk bands like Snuffy and Fast Food, has now struck out to find his own spastic and nervy sonic terrain in the world of "egg punk" with his new solo recording project Spiral Rash. His debut demo tape is a collage of the recent jagged sounds of Snooper, Silicone Prairie, and Smirk, with some scratchy, offbeat garage pop thrown in the mix. The tape comprises of four tracks that are raw, scrappy and at times, blood-dripping. Opener "Too Much like Right" is driven by its propulsive tension and distinct post-punk edge that drifts into the adrenaline-fueled sped-up cassette punk on "Plastic Serpent." The rambling spoken word on "Autodevour" shakes over its thick driving bassline, while the closer "Dog Having its Day," which originally appeared on ACAB: The Server: The Mixtape back in November, is heavy equipped with its stabbing guitar spasms, eerie synths, and jolting beats that veer outside the lines — it's pulsating post-punk with the outsider pop sensibility of The Cleaners From Venus.

Spiral Rash Demo is out now. Order a copy of the tape below.


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