Single Premiere: Sawyer Dust Releases his Ramshackle Debut Single "Fill the Rooms with Dust"

Today, we have the pleasure in premiering the Baltimore-based experimental pop artist, Elli Ponomarenko's, aka Sawyer Dust, debut single "Fill the Rooms with Dust." This is the first track from Ponomarenko's ongoing project where he will release a new single every month and the first official release from the Philadelphia-based indie label Lucy Goldloop.

Photo by Palko Britvch

From the get-go, the debut single hums with a surprising dose of swooning sensitivity and obscurity that's characterized by its gritty, but adventurous production values. Cloaked in twinkling keyboards, jangly guitars and a whizzing bassline, embodying a dreamy psychedelic drift, Ponomarenko's husky vocals are complimented by his murky storytelling—‌"You make me think of things I don't want to."

Even though its easy to get caught up with the track's warped, playful dynamics, it was the product from a near-death experience Ponomarenko had driving home from work one-night where he found himself staring down the barrel of a stranger's gun.

"After getting a gun aimed at me in short range, I got really in my head and realized that life is way too short to be stagnant, and the primal will to create just kind of reentered my system," Ponomarenko said in a press release. "I've resumed creating passionately ever since. Whether it be painting, video, music, ceramics, you name it."

Stream the new single below.