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Premiere: Prude Boys Inject A Ton Of Heart and Garage Earnestness on "New Love"

Following up 2019's single The Reunion b/w Daddy, the Hamtramck, Michigan garage trio Prude Boys will release their first proper full-length album Greatest Hits on Friday, October 13th, through Outer Limits Lounge Records. Comprised of bassist-vocalist Caroline Thornbury, guitarist-vocalist Quennton Thornbury, and drummer-vocalist Evan Eklund, the long-awaited debut album is a collection of eleven unreleased recordings (and one tape demo) that the band has recorded since 2014. Out of those songs, nine have never seen any sort of release at all, including the snarky, but playful and stomping garage pop number "New Love," which we have the pleasure in premiering today. Ahead of the record release show on October 14th at Outer Limits, we caught up with Caroline Thornbury to discuss how putting together the new album was a trip down memory lane and how the new single's visual came together.

Paperface Zine: What's life been like lately for you? What have you been listening to or spending a lot of time doing?

Caroline Thornbury: Life has been really good lately! We just got a puppy so on top of getting the release together and all that, we've been keeping real nice and busy! I've been mostly listening to a lot of XTC, but Quennton has been listening to various West African records.

PZ: Take me through the origins of Prude Boys. How did you all meet and decide to make music together?

CT: We met in Ypsi/Ann Arbor and along with our friend and former drummer Connor Dodson, we decided we wanted to put out some fun songs. I learned the bass, we got our friend Sadie Slam to do stand up drums for us, and we started playing house shows almost immediately. Very sloppy house shows.

PZ: You guys have been around in the Hamtramck garage scene since the early 2010s. How have you evolved over the last decade as a band?

CT: Well we've gone through a number of phases just personally, but as a band we've had four different drummers which always lends a different sound, and because of a personal tragedy of mine when my sister passed, a lot of the songs took a bit of an angrier or sadder turn, a lot of which are on the new album. But don't worry, it's the Greatest Hits, so it’s chock full o' fun, too.

PZ: This new album Greatest Hits is a collection of eleven unreleased recordings and one tape demo you've had at your disposal since 2014. Talk to me about how this collection came together and what it was like putting it all together.

CT: It was a bit like traveling down memory lane. We really decided over quarantine that so many of the songs we've been holding on to deserved a release somehow, and so we started compiling our favorites. Some of the songs are from our very first years, all the way up to songs written in the last year. It was a bit of a rough road, re-recording a few, reworking a few, scrapping some, then adding in others we’d initially said no to — just a lot of back-and-forth among us until we finally felt good and proud of Greatest Hits as a whole, and voila!

PZ: Getting this collection released on Outer Limits Lounge Records seemed like a no-brainer right?

CT: It's our clubhouse, really, so it just makes sense. It's one big family there and I'm so happy they agreed to put it out for us. We're also playing the release there, obviously.

PZ: Today, we're premiering the lyric video to "New Love," which is a fun and snarky love song that was recorded back in 2016. How did this one come together and what was it like pairing it with visuals based around miniatures made by fellow Hamtramck artist Jessica Doster?

CT: Quennton actually put that all together! Jess sent us photos of her amazing miniatures (I love miniatures) and just let us do whatever we wanted with them! So Quennton ran wild and made us a cute and funny lyric video for an otherwise sort of sad kicked up heartbreak song.

PZ: Aside from the new album, what else is on the horizon for the Prude Boys?

CT: A few small tours next year, writing new songs as a trio, supporting our friends around town, and basking in the knowledge that we finally got this monster out there! And we have a few music videos in the works as well, stay tuned!

Greatest Hits is out on Outer Limits Lounge Records October 13th. Stream or buy the album here on Friday.


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