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Premiere: Detroit's Sugar Tradition Are as Wild-Eyed and Chaotic as Ever on "Rockin' Baby"

Comprised of guitarist-vocalist Antonio Keka, bassist Arlo Betley, and drummer Kevin Irwin, primal garage rockers Sugar Tradition have been tearing it up and leading the pack in Detroit's current rock 'n' roll scene that includes bluesy punk rockers The Stools, swampy noisemakers 208, and garage-psych wanders Shadow Show. Along with the release of their anticipated new EP More Sugar, the trio have greeted us with a new music video for the bone-shaking, Nuggets-worship number "Rockin' Baby."

During an exchange through email, Keka discussed the music video and said, "What follows is a documentary version of the making of our first music video. Some scenes have been dramatized, and some names have been changed. But most of what you are about to see is true."

Sugar Tradition have managed to capture that raw, driving the classic Motor City fuzz sound in damn near perfect form on their latest EP that's a roaring fourteen minutes at 45 RPM. The young trio of rockers are one of the brightest sets of young heads on the face of planet rock 'n' roll right now, and More Sugar proves that to a tee.

More Sugar is out now on Feel It Records. A full interview with Sugar Tradition will come out later this year.


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