Norville Rogers Stiches Together Dark & Gritty Samples on the Spine-chilling 'Horrifi'

The enigmatic Norville Rogers celebrates this wicked night with beat-laden sampledelia and a love letter to obscure horror VHS tapes.

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Earlier this week, the mysterious beat collector and oddball sample hoarder Norville Rogers unveiled his new tape Horrifi, a spooky and hazy kaleidoscope of cult horror-inspired sampledelia and plunderphonic-style cut-ups. The new tape adopts a crate digger's ear for dusty grooves, propulsive beats and eerie atmospheres.

The Rochester-based artist, who's named after an unnamed cartoon character from the sixties, says he's been workshopping this concept of sampling rare horror movies for years and describes his process as very meticulous.

"The process essentially boils down to me spending days upon days listening to records and watching movies scouring for sounds. It sounds kind of stupid to some people, but I will only use sounds I pull from a record or a tape," Rogers said via email. "I end up with sounds that are gritty and have a lot of texture in them. Also, particularly with the VHS tapes, you end up with sounds that you quite literally cannot find anywhere else. I think it's easily the most important part of the process, but it can be the most time-consuming."

Between the nightmarish drum breaks and the ghostly ambience, Horrifi is the perfect listen for this Halloween night.

Horrifi is out now. Stream the new tape below.