Make Me a Mixtape: Tetsuians' Tour Down Under

Make Me a Mixtape is a segment where we interview artists and have them make a mixtape of seven songs based around a particular scenario, explaining why they chose each song. This week, we chat with the Melbourne indie rock trio Tetsuians, who take us on a musical tour of Australia.

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Coming to life in 2015, the indie rock trio Tetsuians fuse both the underground sounds of Melbourne and the surf rock side to Nossa to create a chameleon-like-sound, while pushing boundaries. The group has been recording sporadically throughout lockdown, the indie rock outfit Tetsuians have been prepping for their third studio album, which is set to come out later this year. Their most recent effort Elephant Hexagon showcased the trio's effects-laden riffage and infuriatingly catchy pop melodies. Guitarist Trent Price split lead vocals with former bassist Amber Craske throughout the album with drummer Andrew Jackson supplying loads of punchy drum beats. The opener "Halo" pairs warm harmonies with sunshine-laden grooves, while "Running Through" is comprised of eerie and twisted chord progressions, showcasing a darker sound. With the recent departure of Craske, Tetsuians regrouped and ushered in new bassist Luke Guan for their upcoming LP.

Their mixtape scenario was inspired by their Aussie surf rock heritage. For anyone planning to visit the Land Down Under soon, the band have planned an itinerary with an accompanying soundtrack for each destination. Pack a bag, hop on in and let the music take you where it may.

They're a Weird Mob

Supergrass — "Sun Hits the Sky"

"The video accompanying the third single from the Oxford act's second album In It For The Money was filmed during a break in their 1997 Big Day Out schedule. You can even stay where the band stayed at—Two Rivers Motel in Wentworth."

Sleater-Kinney — "A Real Man"

"This one is from Sleater-Kinney's debut album, recorded in Victoria Street (former member Laura MacFarlane's house) on their last night in Melbourne. I'm pretty sure I found the location in North Melbourne and geeked out listening to the whole album trying to imagine what was going through their heads when they were recording it. If you want to do the same hit me up for the address!"

AM Runs — "Looking for a Victim"

"Written by my mate Andy Campbell about a missing relative in Mount Buller. Now I can't visit an alpine region without hearing that song in my head. It's an absolutely cracking track though!"

Elvis Costello & the Attractions — "I Wanna Be Loved"

"Filmed at Flinders Street Station, the actual photo booth moved down the road a little after a public campaign saved it from being removed completely. We actually had a tentative plan to shoot a homage clip to one of our tracks with Fred Armisen in 2019, but unfortunately our schedules didn't match up. A story for another time!"

Scribble — "Mr Calico"

"Johanna Pigott has written hit songs for adult contemporary MOR acts such as Dragon and John Farnham, but this track has a dark sense of resignation that could be associated with the industrial outskirts of any Australian town. Something to play when you've stopped on the road on route to your chosen destination. Icehouse's No Promises has a similar vibe but had to go with Scribble!"

Blur — "M.O.R."

"Whilst we're on the subject of MOR… Blur's video for M.O.R was filmed at Sydney's Luna Park. If you can't get there, then go to Melbourne's Luna Park—it's better anyway!"

The Fall — "Australians in Europe"

"Okay, thought we'd end with a twist. Not an Aussie location but Aussie's out of water. Mark E. Smith's take on cultural cringe—I'll admit I do feel the same way when I crossed paths with a fellow citizens whilst overseas."

Stream Tetsuians' mixtape below.