Make Me a Mixtape: Deep Wimp's Overnight Subway Ride

Make Me a Mixtape is a segment where we interview artists and have them make a mixtape of seven songs based around a particular scenario, explaining why they chose each song. This week, we chat with the Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet Deep Wimp, who curated seven songs to stay awake during a subway ride in the wee hours of the morning.

Photo by Kate Melvin

Gearing up for the release of their full-length debut People Are Young These Days this, out April 16, the Brooklyn-based indie rockers Deep Wimp, dropping the two singles "You Again" and "Sweater" earlier this year. Their soundscapes carry a familiar style, filled with overdrive-drenched guitars and irresistible melodies tied with dual vocal stylings reminiscent of the first Silver Jews album. They wear their influences on their sleeve, doing it with such style, which at its core sounds like a love-letter to the heyday of '90s grunge and indie rock. The band consists of guitarists Trevor Courneen and Charlie Waters who both split lead vocals, bassist Wesley Rose and drummer Kyle Jutkiewicz.

The band's Brooklyn pride and lively energy inspired the scenario for this mixtape. After a long night of partying, envision yourself catching the G line subway from Greenpoint to Williamsburg, two Brooklyn neighborhoods about a half-hour apart. The lull of the train rolling on the tracks at 4 A.M. is enough to rock anyone to sleep. To avoid missing your stop, Deep Wimp chose these seven songs that'll rock you awake instead.

This Train Will be Skipping Metropolitan

Japandroids — "Adrenaline Nightshift"

"A sonic shot of adrenaline at any hour, this track always makes me feel like I could punch through a wall, close the bar, or more realistically, just avoid falling asleep on the G train and ending up at Church Avenue." —Kyle Jutkiewicz

"So many late nights in my twenties were soundtracked by Japandroids. Celebration Rock is such a perfect album, and definitely a big inspiration for keeping our album to just eight tracks."

—Trevor Courneen

Japanese Breakfast — "Be Sweet"

"We wanted to get a new release into the mix and I've had J Brekkie’s "Be Sweet" basically on a loop these past few weeks. It's catchy as hell, with an awesome, alien-centric music video to match (the truth is out there). A few of us have tickets to see her at Forest Hills Stadium in July after it got rescheduled last year." —Jutkiewicz

Oso Oso — "How it Happened"

"These guys have been an influence on us for a while. Jade Lilitri's hooks have perfect melodies for singing along. Charlie and I saw them in a basement practice space where they played through a broken PA in a room that could barely fit the band, let alone all of the other folks there drinking Narragansetts, and still put on a phenomenal set." —Wesley Rose

Thin Lizzy — "Rosalie"

"If you need a rock & roll jolt, Thin Lizzy is the way to go. This song is actually a Bob Seger cover, and we chose it because we almost had a song with the same name on the album. When I was writing that song (now called 'Avery'), my first instinct was to name the character Rosalie... it stayed that way until I recorded vocals and sang the name Avery instead—ultimately, we just felt we should be more original than that. But anyway, Thin Lizzy rules, listen to all their stuff." —Courneen

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers — "The Waiting"

"The jam to end all jams. You can't help but get stoked on this song, I don't care how late it is. And that's just the thing about Petty—the man couldn't help but write songs like that." —Rose

"We used to go by the name Heavy Petty back when we were trying to get away with stealing Tom Petty songs by making them heavier. Apparently the name's already taken by Gainesville, Florida's premiere Petty cover band, so we'll stick to humming this while the G train door is half open at Court Square." —Charlie Waters

Carly Rae Jepsen — "When I Needed You"

"This song sounds like a late-night sugar rush, perfect for this situation. CRJ is foundational to our band—the first time I met these guys, Wes told me the good news about our pop savior Carly Rae Jepsen. Before that, I was a lost soul who only knew 'Call Me Maybe.' Now I know I can put on Emotion anytime I need to get myself going. Queen of Keeping You Awake on a Train at 4 AM." —Courneen

On the Might of Princes — "For Meg"

"Kyle and I bonded over our shared love of OTMOP when we first met and one of our first road trips was to see their final run in Connecticut. This song has everything an album closer needs (and it inspired the vibe for our own closer, 'Hey Genesee'): the slow build, no chorus, beer, and nostalgia-soaked sing-alongs. If the snare hit at 2:44 doesn't wake you in time for your stop, the volume swell at the end will. I've lost a lot of headphones to this song." —Waters

"Honestly, that show was probably the high point in our friendship." —Jutkiewicz