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Krystian Quint and The Quitters: "It's Been a Dream for a Long Time and I Couldn't be Happier That We're Finally Making it Happen"

While Detroit's blues-bent garage punks The Stools will be taking a break the first half of the year, bassist-vocalist Krystian Quint is debuting a new band today called The Quitters. The band's new single "Conspiracy" fires from all cylinders with its garage punk grit and overtly poppy undertones that try to make sense of anti-vaxxers. I also caught up with Krystian through email to learn all about how this project came together, putting a band around it, and their live debut at Outer Limits later this month.

First tell me what you've been up to lately? What have you been listening to, reading, or spending a lot of time doing?

Krystian Quint: You wouldn't be able to tell by the record I'm promoting but I've been listening to pretty much nothing but hardcore and death metal. I grew up on a lot of very heavy music and have recently rekindled an obsessive love for it, especially with where the genres are right now. I've been listening to the Gel record from 2023 religiously. JIVEBOMB, Punitive Damage, and and Primitive Blast have been on repeat. Sanguisugabogg is my new favorite metal band. I haven't been reading much. Most of my free time lately has been spent sewing, I've always loved vintage/reworked clothing and spent a lot of money getting things tailored over the years. I decided to just learn to do it myself and have been really enjoying it! 

Take readers through the origins of your latest project The Quitters. What did you envision when putting this band together? 

The vision was really murky at first to be honest, and for a long long time. I've been kind of slowly working towards taking my solo project more seriously for years, it's been tough because I did The Stools full-time for so long, along with numerous other groups and projects all while working full-time as a painter during the day. I put out a record about four years ago under my name with the intentions of putting a band together, but it was during the pandemic and it just got away from me. The Stools are taking our first break in eight years and it just so happen to coincide with me finishing writing and recording this new "solo" album. So I figured now is the time. I actually decided I was going to call this project "Krystian Quint and The Quitters" whether I got a band or not [laughs]. I just thought it'd be funny since I play everything on the album. But the more I thought about it and the more time I had free up, I decided to try to get some people involved.

What led you to reach out to Mateja, Derek, and Tristan to be part of your band?

All three of those dudes are people I deeply admire and respect both as humans and musicians. Mateja struck me the first time I saw him play with his band Zastava, I immediately wanted to play music with him and just felt like he knew exactly what I was trying to do without even hearing my stuff. He's a hell of a guitarist, and an amazing songwriter. He's like the guy everyone wishes they could get in their band [laughs]. Tristan is one of the kindest, most supportive and also talented people I know. I played bass in their group Hall Pass for a short time and really loved playing with them, they have the same energy about music I had when I was 16, but they're a grown ass adult and it's so inspiring. And of course Derek, he was the first guy I had in mind for this project, even a few years back. I love Derek a lot and have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time playing shows with and touring with his band Toeheads. He's literally the muppet Animal behind the drums, but really knows how to tone it down when he needs to. I've seen Toeheads live go into pure chaos mode and he;s the strongest backbone around, powering them through. Hair, shades, beer all flying, still crushing. I wanted that in whatever project I started. Plus everyone needs a great cook in the band.

Photo by Joshua James

Today, we're premiering your debut single "Conspiracy." What can you tell me about the making of that song and what inspired it?

I recorded this song and the entire album that will follow it in three places my house, our practice space, and in a cabin in the woods on the coast of Maine [laughs]. When I wrote it, we were deep in the pandemic and it was, as cliché as it sounds, a pretty scary and uneasy time. The George Floyd protests were in full swing, anti-vax shit all over the place, election conspiracy theories, all that. It's honestly just me asking politely from my perspective "why do people come up with absurdities and theories that only create fear and disinformation as a way to make themselves feel better?" That's the scholarly answer, in reality it's me making fun of people who believe in chemtrails [laughs].

Is this track hinting towards a larger project from the band in the near future?

100%, I have a full length in the bag that's being mixed and mastered as we speak, and a few more shows already booked for this group that we'll announce after the first one. I'd really like to get it out on a proper label, physically, if anyone cares enough [laughs].

Photo by Joshua James

The Quitters will be making their live debut at Outer Limits in Detroit March 30th. What can fans expect from that show and how excited are you to be bringing this band to the stage?

I'm really really excited, like I said I've been working towards getting this going for a long time and to see it finally coming to fruition honestly makes me tear up a little bit every time I think about it. I've always kind of been the backup in most bands I've been in. With The Stools, Will and I shared the frontman position. So it feels really cool and exciting but also daunting to be fronting a band, on an instrument I've never actually played in a band [laughs]. But it has been a dream for a long time and I couldn't be happier that we're finally making it happen. I'm excited for people to see a side of myself that's not just punk rock chaos like in The Stools or Pharma. As far as what to expect, we're gonna play the entirety of the new album, and we're gonna play it loud, but also sometimes quiet :).

What else is on the horizon for you and The Quitters later in the year? Also I know The Stools have been resting up but any plans for shows or releases this year? 

I'm really hoping to get the full length out to a label who will do something with it. I'd love to take this show on the road, sell some records, and play some unfamiliar music to some familiar faces. Small goals, but I think they're achievable! The Stools are taking a break for the first time in eight years. We haven't talked about it much publicly but we just decided it was time. But that's not to say we won't be making shit happen still! We have a gig booked with some of our favorite Aussies in September, maybe something this summer, but that's about all I can say. As far as new Stools music, it exists, but nothing on the books at the moment. That being said, I strongly suggest checking out Chucks new group H8 Mile and Will's new group Coffer! Both starting to play more shows around town and both absolutely killer bands. Oh yeah and you can listen to my new band too!


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