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Jesse Summers of Love Fiend: "Our Work in the Past Has Been a Little More Random and Disjointed, so We Wanted To Do the Opposite on This Record"

If you're not already rocking with Love Fiend you might miss the party before it's too late! They've already put out three tight singles from their forthcoming album, Handle With Care (out July 12th on In The Red Records) loaded with synth-drenched rock 'n' roll, hooky power pop, and colorful art school oddities. Ahead of the drop, I chatted with vocalist-guitarist Jesse Summers about his anticipation for the new release, as well as splitting writing duties with his bandmates, and the power of anachronistic nostalgia. 

Photo by Taylor Thompson

Paperface Zine: Hi Jesse! What have you been listening to, reading, watching or spending a lot of time doing?

Jesse Summers: Lately we haven't been playing or writing music at all. We've mostly been riding bikes and getting out in the sun together. We are planning to start writing a new record in July. Last year while we were writing Handle With Care, we were listening to a lot of Eddie Cochran, The Silicone Teens, George Jones, and Magazine. We were also watching a lot of John Carpenter movies.

PZ: What's the story behind "Hard Feelings" and how did it become the lead single for your new album?

JS: It's an upbeat, danceable track, the words are easy to remember, and it is a great sampler of all the influences that are present on the record.

PZ: I really love the neon mod vibes of the song's music video, how did this visual party come to fruition?

JS: We were aiming somewhere between John Waters and Bill Nye, so we took inspiration from the 1950s as well as the 1990s.

PZ: You've previously released a lot of your work as one-off singles, what's different about putting together a full-length album?

JS: This time around, we just wanted the whole thing to fit together. We were very deliberate with the songs we chose, the sequencing, and the overall production concept. Our work in the past has been a little more random and disjointed, so we wanted to do the opposite on this record.

PZ: What else can you tell us about the making of Handle with Care? What were the highlights working with John Dwyer at Discount Mirror Studios?

JS: John is a legend and his experience was invaluable during the session. He understood what we were trying to make, so he would steer us back on course if we ever strayed too far. Sometimes he had to use a bullwhip, but mostly he was gentle. 

PZ: Out of the ten tracks, is there one you're most excited for people to hear?

JS: Three out of four of us wrote and sang songs on the record, so I'm sure everyone is stoked to have their tunes heard. I'm excited about "Got Bad" just because everyone really put their own signature on it, and it has a rippin' sax solo.

PZ: Is it really true that your music "never has curse words"?

JS: So far, yes.

Photos by Cole Beldyn Larsen

PZ: How do you think the band has grown over the years to where you are now?

JS: We all like a huge variety of music and in the past we sometimes couldn't narrow down exactly what we wanted the band to be. I think we are much more certain of what Love Fiend is now.

PZ: What's it like playing this new album live?

JS: Playing these songs live is great because the album was recorded in a live room. It's very natural and exciting. 

PZ: What else is on the horizon for Love Fiend? Are there any shows coming up to support the new release? 

JS: The album is out July 12th on In The Red Records and our album release show is Saturday, July 13th at Oblivion in Highland Park, Los Angeles. There will be hot dogs.


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