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Class Announce Debut Album and Inject Turbo Charged Rock 'n' Roll on New Single "Cockney Rebel"

Tucson-based garage rockers and super group of sorts, Class, have unveiled a new single today called "Cockney Rebel," a momentous and primal rock 'n' roll anthem that's built on fiery vigor. It also serves as the lead single to their forthcoming debut album, Epoca de Los Vaqueros, out October 28th through the always reliable Feel It Records.

Photo by Rosie Clements

Following the release of their self-titled debut demo tape from last June, Tucson-based garage rockers Class are back with the first taste to their anticipated debut album, Epoca de Los Vaqueros, out October 28th through the mighty Feel It Records (Romero, Sweeping Promises, The Cowboys). Led by vocalist and guitarist Erik "Rik" Meyer (Rik and The Pigs), bassist Jim Colby (Brown Sugar), vocalist and guitarist Andy Puig (The Resonars), and drummer Ryan Chavira (The Green Teas), the band stirs things up across their new single, "Cockney Rebel." Originally titled "Cockney Rebel vs. The Cult," the new single is a one-two punch of catchy, amphetamine-fueled mondo-distorto riffage and stomping rhythms that sound more lethal especially with it clocking in under two minutes. Recorded on a Tascam 388 tape machine in a crumbling warehouse, Class meld their slick brand of hook-or-crook power pop, unhinged glam, and '77-style garage punk with an impeccably clean and idiosyncratic production value that diffuses a classic sound that sits somewhere between The Damned, Slade and pre-Destroyer KISS. Doesn't get any better than that!

Epoca de Los Vaqueros is out October 28th through Feel It Records.

Pre-order the upcoming album and stream the new single below.


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