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Brannon Greene of Nag: "'Fear' Is About the Anxiety in Reality and the Anxiety We Create in Our Minds"

Back in May, Atlanta underground institute Nag released a new tape titled "Fear," seven tracks that inject their blistering and dark post-punk through an otherworldly sonic palette that's more grand and mysterious, going beyond any of their previous releases. To gather more insight, we chatted with guitarist-vocalist Brannon Greene all about the band's beginnings in 2015 and the sessions that shaped "Fear."

What have you been listening to, reading, watching, or spending a lot of time doing?

Brannon Greene: I've been going to the movies recently — "The Holdovers," "Dune: Part Two," and "Civil War" stand out. Pretty solid flicks.

For our readers who aren't familiar, take us through the origins of Nag. 

Nag started around 2015-16. Ryan and I wanted to start a new project and we both wanted to tour and it just grew from there.

The first time I heard you guys I was given a copy of the "Halloween 3" tape in 2022. What's the story behind that release?

Local label Rope Bridge Records released it. It was just a fun Halloween show... and it's a funny title inspired by a funny spooky movie.

What are your thoughts looking back at past releases compared to where you are now as a band? 

I would turn up the vocals on some past releases... I was a little insecure with my voice when we started. I think we are more comfortable songwriters now.

Would you say 2021's "Observer" was a breakthrough for you guys? 

I'd say it was a bit of a breakthrough. I'm proud of that record.

Let's dive into this new LP "Fear" that you released back in May through Future Shock. What can you say about how the recording sessions went for it and what were some of the highlights while making it? 

"Fear" is about the anxiety in reality and the anxiety we create in our minds. These songs came together fast towards the end of 2023 and January 2024.

What can you say about the origins of the opening cut "Pupil"?

"Pupil" was the last song we wrote... we thought it slapped pretty well and would be a good start for the LP.

What was the idea behind the song "Insert a Thought?" 

"Insert a Thought" has a few ideas in it, but the main thought is how small one is in the vastness of nature and the galaxy.

What exactly were the inspirations regarding the cover art?

The inspiration for the cover art is paranoid Lisa Frank.

What else is on the horizon for Nag later in the year?  

Tour and maybe we'll write a couple of tunes.

"Fear" is out now on Future Shock Recordings (USA), Urticaria Records (EU), and Black Hole Records (Japan).


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