An Introduction to AMORELLE & Her Voyage of Talent

The ever-charming Brooklyn-based artist AMORELLE creates a deeply emotional sense of passion and love through her latest EP The High Priestess.

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Originally from San Francisco, but resides currently in Brooklyn, the singer-songwriter Amorelle Applin, aka AMORELLE, is popping on the soul and R&B scene with her wide vocal range and clever melodic hooks. Following last year's debut album Melody, AMORELLE has taken her music to the next level and evolved into a jack-of-all-trades, expanding on her previous music knowledge and learning production skills through the industry opportunities presented to her.

Having the expertise to take on every role within her projects, AMORELLE self-released her new EP The High Priestess earlier this year, allowing her audience to indulge in the sweet sensual sounds of her magnificence. The EP takes on feelings of passion and bravery, showcasing a range of grooving rhythmic tracks that each highlight AMORELLE's profound voice. Her fearlessness is showcased throughout her confident lyrical poems that get listeners on their feet and ready to move. The lead single "Only The Real Can See" is a perfect example of her bold and valiant aura, as she roars "Do it for these motherfuckers," amongst bouncing guitar jingles.

With positive spirits and high energy, AMORELLE is a powerful force to be reckoned with. We had a chat with her to find out about her journey through music so far, her progression as an artist, and what The High Priestess is all about.

Paperface: How did this musical project all begin? What made you want to start making music?

AMORELLE: I have always enjoyed singing my whole life, but never felt I had "the chops" to pursue it professionally. I had been a very successful athlete growing up and I had focused all my time and energy on volleyball. I played very competitively since the age of ten and competed all over the country, eventually playing at a Division II collegiate level at The Academy of Art in San Francisco. I had always thought those with great voices were simply born with them, but it was at The Academy of Art, where I was studying theater and acting, that I took my first voice lesson and discovered my potential. From there, I decided to leave school and pursue a music career. I supported myself by waiting tables and began a mentorship at Pajama Studios in Oakland, California with Grammy award winning producer, Jim Gardiner (who has mentored many talented and successful musicians) and took private voice lessons. I sang in a spoken word band called Copus and worked with various different musicians off craigslist. I took music theory classes, music history classes, dance classes and voice lessons at the local community college and then moved to New York City in January of 2019. Again, I began working with local musicians off Craigslist and taking private voice lessons. It wasn't until December of 2019 that I began producing on Garageband and got a Blue Yeti USB mic. I began making my own music for the first time, not relying on anyone else. That freedom of expression and liberation of my art, catapulted me to new levels. After Melody, I graduated to a 414 Lewitt Pure XLR mic, a Focusrite audio interface and started working with Logic. I began interning at a music studio in Brooklyn where I have learned so much about production and engineering and have been able to apply my knowledge to The High Priestess.

What musical artists have inspired your sound?

Sade, Erykah Badu, Gwen Stefani, Sneaker Pimps, and Portishead to name a few.

You produce and write all of your songs on your own, and I think that is so powerful! What inspires your songwriting and what does the process look like?

I am so blessed to be so independent with my art. It feels like such a pure expression of myself and that's all an artist can ask for. I believe in the divinity of music. It is magical how people use songs to express themselves in a way, that even though my lyrics may have been my words and my expression at one time, when people listen to my music they may adopt that expression as their own. Also, people often feel as though God/ The Universe communicates with them through music. For example, if a certain song is playing spontaneously, on the radio or in a restaurant, it can feel as if it is a message from the divine or "a sign." My spirituality and love life are definitely the biggest sources of my lyrics, but I always feel as though I am channeling something bigger than me when I write. When a song comes to me it's like a vision or download. I have to run to the paper. It is a divine process. There is a muse. The connection we have with music is so divine that I am honored to be a vessel.

How do you manage all of these different roles when creating your projects? Taking on producer, sound engineer, writer and performer would be a lot of work; what have you learnt throughout this experience?

I have tried to work with other people multiple times but the visions never aligned and more often than not, the schedules. I have worn so many hats out of necessity. I had never expected to produce and engineer my own music, but it's just where my journey led. I am so grateful for my internship where I have been able to learn about different preamps, where to EQ and about different compressors. Most of my fellow interns studied at Berklee School of Music, so I have had the luxury of picking their brains and asking for their feedback. So many blessings have been sent my way that somebody must be looking out for me. Now that my EP is released I am wearing the marketing and management hat as well. I guess to answer your question, I have learned: if you want something done you have to do it yourself; then once other people see what you've done and only then will they want to join. I hope someday soon I will not have to do it all alone.

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You just released your latest EP The High Priestess — full of moody textures, driving rhythms and your mesmerizing vocal tone. What are the main themes or messages from this EP?

The High Priestess is a tarot card that represents intuition and a divine knowing. I am a Pisces which is often associated with that card and I feel that my Piscean nature is revealed in my EP. I feel as though so much of your world is ruled by your perspective and that is definitely heard in my music. Being present and aware of the divine and the synchronicities that align us is one theme found in my music, but there are also themes of sensuality and love as with most music.

What did the recording process look like for this EP? Did you face any challenges working through the pandemic?

The recording process was me underneath a quilt blanket in my room haha.

How is this release different from your debut album Melody? Do you feel as though you have grown as an artist over the past year?

I have grown tremendously. I didn't even know about compressors until March of 2021. Melody was done on Garageband with a USB mic with zero preamps and little reverb. The quality of production has increased a lot on The High Priestess and I will only keep improving from here!

After taking a look at your vibrant Instagram page, I can tell that you are filled with wonder and positive vibes! What are your main values or goals as an artist?

Thank you! I just hope to spread positive vibes. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that all things work together for good. We are all more connected than we could comprehend and every single person in this world has a divine purpose. I hope to be a positive influence on the world to encourage self love. I believe that a heightened level of consciousness and connection with one's intuition, will align everyone individually and therefore as a collective.

What is next on the cards? Are you working on any new projects that you can tell us about?

I am working on producing another music video and am performing at The Delancey in Manhattan on February 26. I had so much fun producing my first music video for "Only the Real Can See" so I am excited to roll out another!

The High Priestess is out now. Stream the new EP below.